Our Services

Market Intelligence Dashboards

  • Market drivers
  • Business cycle monitoring
  • Macroeconomic indicators

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

  • Product demand models
  • Product and industry-specific forecasts
  • Business cycle predictions

Performance Dashboards

  • Corporate performance
  • Healthcare outcomes
  • ROI of product and process implementations
  • Sales performance
  • Market penetration

Data Mining

  • To determine best real estate investments
  • To develop micro-marketing sales and marketing strategies
  • To develop composite indices/management decision tools by integrating client-specific corporate data and external demographic and financial data

We welcome requests about any analytic, measurement, or strategic quantitative problem you might have. We love the challenge of new content areas and big problems. Bring us your most annoying and most complex issues; we will tell you what we can do, how we will do it, and how long it will take.

Our dashboards typically integrate internal corporate data with external market data to benchmark market opportunity and monitor corporate performance metrics relative to the opportunity in the marketplace.
Our dashboards integrate analysis, planning, decision-making, and presentation into one tool and delivery mechanism that is extremely impressive to your boss, your customers, and your Board of Directors.
Our analytics and metrics, developed and delivered to clients as their proprietary property, have proven to be the basis of sustainable competitive advantage.
Web-based dashboard delivery allows the metrics to become an enterprise-wide "management platform", the basis of essentially all executive management decisions - strategic planning, capital acquisition, sales performance, niche marketing strategies, and allocation of resources