Inside PerformaMetrics

Sandra Hendren, Founder of PerformaMetrics, has her graduate degree in psychometrics, a branch of statistics that specializes in large database analyses and the development of predictive algorithms and measurement standards. Trained to "measure the immeasurable", psychometrics is a highly theoretical field, and practitioners are rarely seen outside academia.

Frustrated at the lack of insight, innovation, and application of basic statistical principles to important real-world problems, Ms. Hendren took her expertise to the streets 30 years ago to develop measures critical to business success.

The work that she pioneered - data mining, predictive analytics, and performance measurement - are now all heralded as the core of sustainable competitive advantage.

Ms. Hendren and her team at PerformaMetrics continue to leverage the concepts and applications of predictive analytics and performance measurement, a data-driven approach to measuring and managing high performance organizations.

All our work is fixed price; no over-budget problems with us.

We only accept interesting, forward-thinking projects that have the potential for moving the discipline of management to new levels of responsiveness, responsibility, and effectiveness