About PerformaMetrics

Sandra Hendren

Sandra Hendren is the Founder and Managing Director of PerformaMetrics, LLC. She has thirty-two years experience at the intersection of business and technology. She also has an academic bent, holding the appointment of Senior Lecturer of Strategic Management at Harvard University. Former positions include Founder and President of HealthCare Management Systems, Inc., Founder and President of CompuSystems, Inc., Vice President of Strategic Information Systems for Decision Support Technology, Inc., and Director of Analytic Software and Services for Baxter International, Inc. Most recently Ms. Hendren was Managing Director of Hammer and Company, the business firm of Dr. Michael Hammer, author of the international bestseller Reengineering the Corporation: A Manifesto for Business Revolution. In that capacity, she worked with some of the nation's most prestigious corporations to assist them in transitioning from old-style, internally focused organizations to leaner, more efficient, customer-driven companies.

Ms. Hendren holds a M.A. in Psychometrics (a statistical computing specialty) and a B.A. in Psychology, both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Paul Corbett

Paul Corbett is the Director of Development of PerformaMetrics, LLC. Mr. Corbett has a decade of professional experience in computing technology. Former positions include Co-Director of the Center for Information Technology and Distance Learning at Duke University's School of Nursing and Manager of the web services business, Number 2 Pixel. Most recently he founded Orbital Advertising LLC, a web services business which implemented cost-effective web solutions through the use of Open Source technologies.

Earlier in his career Mr. Corbett worked for the North Carolina state government's Information Technology Services department where he constructed high-traffic, award-winning websites such as the Official Website of North Carolina, the North Carolina Governor's website, the North Carolina Department of Insurance, and the North Carolina Hurricane Relief Information website. Mr. Corbett holds a B.A. in Graphic Arts and Information Technology from Appalachian State University.

Friends of PerformaMetrics

Friends of PerformaMetrics is a network of colleagues who are frequently brought in to contribute to a particular project. These individuals range from the 'most techy' to the 'most strategic'. All colleagues of Ms. Hendren, whom she met in former positions in corporate America and in academia, PerformaMetrics' scope of expertise via this network is both extensive and comprehensive. For any specific project Ms. Hendren calls on her network to bring in the most skilled, the most experienced, the most innovative - in short, the best of the best - to escalate the quality of your experience and your results with PerformaMetrics.

Our dashboards are extremely easy to use - efficient, effective, and actually fun.
For large projects, we price, develop, and deliver in phases, each phase being its own result and having its own business value. This enables customers to grow and expand their emerging "management platform" over time as budgets allow and changing market conditions demand